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No Bounds To Ride

20m Adventure, Skiing, Snowboarding, Strong Female Lead 2022

Breaking free the idea of 'women’s boundaries' in skiing, a group of ripping ladies hit the road north.

Women in action sports have long fought to disprove the misperception that ‘only guys can be good’. Insularity across all action sports breeds an unwelcoming aura, especially to women. Even those that claim to be ‘making progress’ do it delicately, finding 1 or 2 token ladies to be their poster gals for inclusion and stick them in male–produced films about snow sports.

But like many others, our band of charging chicks are sick of being dealt with delicately. They aspire to progress the sport forward by pushing themselves to new heights, discovering along the way how strong they truly are. To escape the ‘no friends on a pow day’ mentality, they will come together as a community and show the world what it means to dream big, ski hard, and appreciate all the times you don’t land on your feet just as much as the times you do.

After all, “if you’re not falling, you’re not learning.”

Director, Editor

Kyle Niego

Executive Producer

Sloane Gordon

Director of Photography, Editor

Sam Saarel


Leah Woods


Sloane Gordon

Associate Producer

Clara Murray




United States, Canada


Mission Ranch

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