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Ski For The Love Season 1

4 Episodes Adventure, Sking, United States

Season 1

We hail from Tahoe, and we Ski For The Love of it. Hope you love it too.

We are Alex “Shugz” Dorszynski, Brandon Craddock, Jedidiah Kravitz and Josh Anderson.

Primary cinematography by Hazen Woolson (Boundary Visual Media).

Featuring skiers Henry Holdsworth, Trevor Semmens, Josh Daiek, JT Holmes, Connery Lundin. Additional filming by Ben Arnst, Cam Keith, Niel Kasper, Riley Bathurst, Alex Dorszynski, Josh Anderson, Brandon Craddock, Trevor Semmens, Jedidiah Kravitz.


Morning Light


Featuring the skiing of Josh Anderson, Brandon Craddock, Jedidiah Kravitz, and Alex “Shugz” Dorsyznski

Exodus And AK


The crew heads north in search of snow

Back Home


Skiing by Jedidiah Kravitz, Brandon Craddock, Josh Anderson, Alex “Shugz” Dorsyznski, Henry Holdsworth, Connery Lundin, J.T. Holmes

Edited by Hazen Woolson



April bluebird days with the boys