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Factotum Project: 9-5er

24m Adventure, Sport, Snowboarding 2022

Factotum Project was created to give a voice to those of us with one foot in the snow sports industry and one foot in the real world

Factotum Project is a 24 minute indie-documentary snowboard film that follows a crew of snowboarders with one foot in the industry and the other foot in the real world. Many could-be pro riders have other passions, careers and lifestyles they pursue that leave them on the fringes of the industry. Our deep-seated love for the mountains inspires us to ride every waking minute of winter. For some, that means working all summer in order to play all winter. Others have careers which force them to be weekend warriors and save all of that vacation time for the winter months. Director and filmer Lucas Gibbons worked with Oregon based snowboard industry rep Nick Wittman to find a crew of fun, charismatic and relatable riders who love snowboarding but never quite made it to the pro level or on the big screen.

The movie was filmed in the Cascade mountains in Washington and Oregon as well as the Rocky Mountains in Idaho and Wyoming during the winter of 2021-2022. With little to no budget but plenty of support from our friends, family and sponsors they set out to make a pro-level film with little resources or experience in the world of cinema. As an indie film Factotum project was nominated and won awards at festivals including the International Freeride Film Festival in Whistler, BC, the International Festival of Winter Cinema and the Shredlandia Film Festival.


Lucas Gibbons


Nick Wittman

2nd camera/Assistant Camera

Matthew Seemann

2nd camera

Ryan Halverson






United States


Factotum Project

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Director's Intro: Lucas Gibbons


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