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20m Skiing, Montana 2022

After two decades of chasing my dream of being a professional skier I felt lost.

Elucidation: The act of making clear that which was once murky and confusing.

After two decades of chasing my dream of being a professional skier I felt lost. I had accomplished so much, elevated my skiing to levels beyond what I ever imagined as a kid. So why did I feel so empty? What was the purpose of all those years of pushing myself to ski harder and harder? As it so often turns out, I already knew the answers to those questions, I just hadn’t realized it yet. I simply needed a visit from my own subconscious, a dream guide, while deep in sleep. This film is a summation of all I’ve learned in my years of skiing and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make it and to share it with you. Thanks for the support, if you connected with the film please share with others!

This project was filmed on the Unceded Indigenous Territory of the Ute, Ktunaxa, Eastern Shoshone, Salish Kootenai and Sylix Okanogan Tribes. We recognize and honor the people, past and present, who have stewarded these lands. The lack of representation for these communities in the ski and outdoor industries is unacceptable and change is necessary both people and planet.
Please visit: to learn who’s land you recreate on in honor of Indigenous Sovereignty.

Huge thanks to all the sponsors who made this film possible: Roxa Ski Boots, Picture Organic Clothing, Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters, 4frnt Skis and LB Snow.

Huge thanks to the cinematographers and photographers that helped bring my vision to life: Bobby Jahrig, Kieran Nikula, Dillon Jenkins, Alex Mager, Chris Goodhue, Dave Gardner, Zach Falen, Henry Hawkins, Giray Dadali, Dean Bercovitch. Additional thanks to my best buds Giray Dadali and Dean Bercovitch for their fast friendship and ninja skills on skis.

I’d like to acknowledge some other amazing humans that made this film possible. Peggy Patrick for her support and help throughout my life but especially in fiilming the dream sequences. Joe Dillon for his infectious love of skiing and for going to extreme lengths to help build the park for the Park/Passion segment. Donovan Power, Missoula Freestyle Team and Snowbowl MT for supporting a kids dream long after he grows up. Finally Reid Kelly and Kieran Nikula for showing me your BC backyard and the years of friendship that helped inspire and create the Friendship segment.

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