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One Man Short

14m Industry Profile, skiing, United States 2022

The pursuit of 3 friends to create a timeless representation of their passion for their friendship and skiing.

Preston Case is a talented backcountry skier and outdoorsman. His love for the outdoors was heavily influenced by his grandpa. A simple photo that shows his grandpa enjoying his passion for fly fishing has always been a beacon and constant reminder to live his life with purpose.

With a recently born daughter, Preston hopes to create a similar photo to inspire his daughter to live passionately and surround herself with people she loves. Along with a few of his closest friends, they set out to create the perfect shot to inspire all of their children through their love for the outdoors.

“This film was a passion project for all of us. Something that has helped us to illustrate our love and passion for friendship and the outdoors. We hope that it can not only inspire our own families but others as well to create meaningful memories with people that they love.” - Preston

Director, Producer

Preston Case


Kaylor Dastrup


Josh Jorgensen


Braydon Ball

Executive Producer

Seth Adams

Executive Producer

Bart Mills

Special Thanks

Matt Roberston

Special Thanks

Kaitlyn Case

Special Thanks

Marrisa Dastrup




United States

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