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Beyond Begbie

14m Documentary 2024

A short film that explores the history of the land and its shared significance to Indigenous groups and mountain sports enthusiasts.

Standing tall over the Revelstoke valley Mount Begbie has inspired an entire community. It is iconicized in the logos and names of local businesses, featured heavily in artists’ works, is photographed by every visiting tourist, and most importantly of all, is explored by the outdoor enthusiast - no matter the season.

Climbing Mt Begbie is a “right of passage” for every hiker, climber, sledder, and skier who chooses to make Revelstoke their home.

While this peak has created an entire contemporary culture in Revelstoke, its name and story only represent colonial history, with no reference to the Indigenous heritage of this land.

Is it the outdoor community’s responsibility to help change this?

RELEASE Fundraiser: For the first week (Feb 7-13) we are donating $1 per view to the Inchelium language and culture association. Inchelium Language and Culture Association


Zoya Lynch


Nat Segal

Director of Photography & Editor

Colleen Gentemann

Editor & Colorist

Ryan Paul Collins


Evan Dux

Sound Design & Mix

Ridgeline Sound

Motion Design

Lou Currie


English, French


English, Français




Nat Segal Creative

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