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People Like Us

24m skiing 2023

Ryan Collins explores the implications of being a gay man in Revelstoke, BC, while seeking to frame a larger picture of queer life in a mountain town.

People Like Us follows Ryan as he connects with the queer community of Revelstoke, seeking their opinions and stories and relationship with mountain culture, in the hope of building perspective into what it is like to be queer in a rural setting.

After moving to Revelstoke in 2020 to work in the mountain sports industry, Ryan felt welcomed, building a strong friend group and work opportunities. Despite this warm reception, he started to feel that there was something missing, a connection with people like him.

As Ryan actively reaches out to members of the local queer community he begins to build a better understanding of the shared queer experience. In doing so People Like Us will celebrate the existence of queer folks in non-urban settings, and show that healthy queer communities can flourish in small towns.

Director, Editor

Ryan-Paul Collins


Nat Segal

Director of Photography

Colleen Gentemann


English, Français

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